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Dare2DreamHK 敢追夢生命計劃,是一項以生命影響生命,鼓勵人們做個勇敢的追夢者的計劃。

Pastor Paul 是一位法定失明人士,他在出生時已患有眼疾,視力隨著時間衰退。 當他知道其視力是無法治癒時,整個人就跌入了恐懼和絕望的深淵裏。 Pastor Paul 是怎樣從眼疾的陰霾中走出來,積極地面對生活的呢? 身為一個傷殘人士, Pastor Paul在追尋夢想的道路上,遇到了排山倒海的困難。 他又是怎樣越過一個又一個的障礙,向著一個又一個的夢想昂首邁進的呢?

Pastor Paul考獲英國皇家音樂學院的七級鋼琴資格。 他更自學電腦,並與幾位朋友在1995年創立電腦公司。 後來,Pastor Paul受其信仰之感召,放棄公司生意, 從2002年開始,走進社區,服事人群, ,把愛與關懷帶給有需要的人。


Dare2DreamHK Life Programme aimed at affecting life with life, to encourage people to be a Dream Pursuer.

Pastor Paul is a legally blind person. He had eye disease since he was born and his sight has been getting weaker and weaker as time flies. When he knew that his eye disease was an incurable, he was filled with fear and hopelessness. How did Pastor Paul walk out from depression and live positively. As a disable, Pastor Paul encounters numberless difficulties in his way of pursuing dreams. How does he overcome the obstacles one by one and runs towards his dreams.

Pastor Paul got grade 7 in the ABRSM piano exam. He also learnt computing by self-study, and in 1995, he initiated with several friends a computer company. Later on, Pastor Paul was moved to give up his business. From the year of 2002, he started to serve the community, bringing love and care to the needy.


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