Dare2DreamHK @ Campus 敢追夢校園

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我們對青少年有很大的負擔,我們盼望藉著Paul的生命經歷,鼓勵同學們勇敢地面對挑戰,快樂地做個敢於追夢的青年人, 攜手創建我們社會的未來。

我們會到不同的校園或營會主領週會、講座或生命教育課堂等,每節約為45至60分鐘。 會藉著體驗遊戲、音樂和生命經歷等元素,向同學們發放正面的信息。 內容能以粵語,英語或雙語進行。

電郵: dare2dream2017@gmail.com


We have great burden for young adults. Through the life story of Paul, we would like to encourage the young adults to face the challenges bravely and to be a Dream Pursuer joyfully, as well as to build our future society with one accord.

We will go to different schools or camp sites, to hold Meetings, Talks or Life Education Lessons(about 45 to 60 mins per section). With games, music and life experiences etc, positive messages are delivered to the young adults. Moreover, we can conduct the meetings in Cantonese, English or bilingual.

Please contact us for any inquiry.

Email: dare2dream2017@gmail.com

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